by Benedikt Ferling -- Level 00


  1. Security by obscurity!

This is the concept of hiding something with the intention, that only users with the same knowledge can reveal the secret. But this is a hope. One buzzword that uses the same technique – although in a different context – is called backdoor. However the past has shown, that this is not a good technique in terms of security.


Find the executable.

find / -executable -type f -user flag00 2>/dev/null

delivers the following list:


Two suspicious programs. Executing one of them delivers us a shell as user flag00. Afterwards one can execute getflag.


Alternate solution

You can just pass the string to the command.

echo "getflag" | /rofs/bin/.../flag00

Lesson / How to fix

  1. The only solution is to avoid this technique completely!

Many backdoors, hidden services, non-documented open ports, storing information within other document-formats(text within pictures…) and many more have been revealed. It is bad practice in terms of security!

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